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Jan. 29th, 2017

And another year goes by . . .

Been a Long Time

Wow, how do I do this again? XD
Sometimes I really miss this stupid thing.

Christmas Loot Lowdown

Merry Christmas! to everyone! (Even though no one reads LJ anymore, it's all Facebook or Tumblr. :p)

This year turned out much better than last year! No unpleasantness at all, just happiness. :)

Stocking Stuffers:

  • pack of black ink pens ♥
  • pack of batteries ♥
  • two scratch tickets (both Crosswords--one winner, one loser! :D)
  • small chocolate santa
  • Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange


  • 4 pairs of knee-high socks ♥

  • bottle of Baileys (that I didn't even ask for!) ♥
  • milk chocolate Pot of Gold, box of

  • stuffed monkey ♥

  • The Beatles' Help! saucer and cup set
  • stuffed Birdo ♥

  • Resident Evil 6 ♥
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim* (used and all gunky that I had to clean up and otherwise in perfect condition--still pretty gross, though :/)
    *I want to give this a heart, as I've been looking forward to this the most, but it was used so no dice

  • motherfucking LCD flatscreen television holy shit ♥ ♥ ♥
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    Yet another hidden objects flash game found here. Demo version. This one has you deep-sea diving to explore the sunken Titanic for lost treasure and restoring things like photographs.

    Another hidden objects flash game found here. Demo version, of course. Find the items in the different locations (example: the Rialto theatre) to solve the cases.

    More double coverage of events

    Went to the Psychic Expo held at the Caboto Club with the folks yesterday. It was as unintentionally funny as you can imagine. Dad and I had a ball laughing and making fun of all the "psychics" and their fruity booths.

    They charge the shit out of suckers, let me tell you. $65 for a half-reading. $70 for a full reading. $90 for the whole kaboodle, like cups, tarot and palm readings, tea leaves and crazy stupid crap like that. WHY AM I NOT IN THE SCAMMING BUSINESS I COULD BE MAKING A BUNDLE!

    Least scammy was the "Electric Psychic" lady who only charged $10 for 6 different types of readings. She tried to pull us in and explain but, uh, we got away from her pretty fast. Seriously, you walk too close to any of the booths, they try to latch on like ticks to sucker you into something.

    There was a "third generation" psychic, Aaron, who thought he was cool enough to pull off the single name gimmick. OH GOD AND AURA READINGS LOL And one psychic had a picture of "Mr July", a RABBIT, presumably her own rabbit, choosing cards for the hapless sucker she was scamming at the time. Dad and I just about lost it at that one.

    I did get a pretty little Ankh from m'dad. *,* (There was a large Art in the Park-style set-up with jewels, rings and necklaces, crystal balls and stone figures that was nice to peruse. The ONLY good thing about the expo. Also, a set-up with scammy self-help books, some nice-looking tarot decks and a very pretty blank journal I'd have pick up for myself if I wasn't such a cheapsake. :p)

    And now, as dad put it, I can say that I've been to a "Psychic Expo" and, thus, never have to go to another one again. XD



    The mentos gum I won from that . . . Mentos Gum contest. That's right.

    (Also, ya'll get links because I'm too lazy to re-size each one of these. :p)

    the actual package it came in

    gum! ♥

    opened up


    the wrapper: Berry Watermelon

    the wrapper: Fresh Mint

    the actual dual-flavoured gum: side one

    the actual dual-flavoured gum: side two


    Mum and dad took the day off because it was their (31st) anniversary, had breakfast at the Ivory Rose (where dad got into an argument with the cashier lady--no, you don't grab the debit machine from a customer's hand until it says APPROVED and they remove their card) then went to the mall, just to putz around, hitting up Zellers because it's closing and there are wicked sales going on. Then they decided to wander over to Cineplex Odeon to check out the movies . . .

    . . . AND SAW THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN IN 3D. HOMG I'M SO JEALOUS! XD They had the perfect theatre-going experience, too. It's only the second day and there were no more than six people with them in the theatre, everyone was quiet, and dad says the 3D experience was better than what he'd experienced at Disneyworld. I'm really happy he had a great first 3D movie time. :)

    AND HOMG HE LOVED THE MOVIE! I had serious doubts about whether or not he'd really care for it, what with it really being more a mix of 616 and Ultimate Spidey with Gwen instead of MJ, but he could not be more happy with the movie. He said he's sure that I'll like it. I mean, I know I will but with his trying-so-hard-not-to-give-anything-away review, I now know that I most definitely will. *,*

    And I might even going see it in 3D. If I do, I have to remember to sit farther back. I've thought about it for a while and I've come to believe that 3D just doesn't work too well when you're sitting as close as I normally do. Also, Immortals blew monkey chunks. That didn't help.


    title or description Ubisoft Conference title or description

    THAT OPENING title or description title or description title or description

    French people have no shame, and I love it. title or description

    Wild Wild West was a terrible movie and you should not remind people that it exists in any form.

    Okay, so I guess it's title or description FAMOUS SPOKESPERSON ALERT title or description time with Flo Rida? Who? I mean, at least EA had the decency to pick someone almost everyone knew, ie Usher. NO ONE LIKE ME KNOWS WHO THIS IS. Because, well, not good music for one. Oh, well. It's for what looks like a dance game so it's not like it matters in the least. :p

    Just Dance 4, now with more black people. I have to give Ubisoft credit, there's more equality here than any of the other American companies.

    BLACK HOST FOR A CONFERENCE, TOO!? Too bad I don't know who this Aisha Tyler is, though . . . or do I? Suddenly, she's sounding familiar and my brain is struggling to put a show or movie to her voice but coming up with nothing.

    An "internet sensation" as backstage co-host? His internet name is Tobuscus? What the hell you doing, Ubisoft?? o,O

    Aisha is sassing him, it's awesome. Also says "we're a little bit gay, all of us", and it's so very true. XD

    Now back to games I don't care about! Far Cry 3, although I still took the free download of FC2 because I'm a PlayStation Plus member. :)

    Geez, without watching the vid, it sounds like goddamn porn. o,O
    And, uh, it might be? BECAUSE THAT CHICK IS NEKKID. O,O
    That certainly is one way to get me interested in a game.

    Seriously, that was a most messed-up ending to that demo. I, uh, I kind of want this game now? Release date, coming soon.

    Blugh, a new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Hate to break it to you, Frenchie, but without Michael Ironside it's definitely NOT going to be the biggest.

    Ooh, a Marvel game? My interest is piqued! Avengers: Battle for Earth does not look anywhere near as shiny and good as the ASM game coming out in a couple weeks, but at least Spidey is in this one. A lot of characters, actually, and, eww, Black Widow with short, awful-looking hair.

    And I think it might only be fore the WiiU and KINECT KINECT KINECT. No more interest from me. :(

    TIME TO GET WHAAAAACKY WITH THE RAYMAN GUYS!! They brought out three big, white, plushy chairs for the guys who'll presumably demo the game. You guys are lazy. :O

    Anyway, showing off WiiU proto-tablets to show off Rayman Legends. I'm sorry but this is worse than the idiotic controllers for the Wii. Why the cock do I want to swipe the screen on a tablet to play a game? I DON'T EVEN DO THAT ON MY DS. At least, not without the stylus. This is extremely stupid. >:/

    Rayman games look fun, though. Should play whatever I can at some point in time.

    Time to put the kids to bed 'cause it's time to show a trailer for . . . a zombie apocalypse that is NOT Resident Evil? A BRITISH Resident Evil game?? Uh oh . . . ZombiU??? >,>

    Now it's time for montage! Of all the innovative games for the stupid-as-hell WiiU!

    Rabbids Land
    YourShape Fitness Evolved 2013
    Sports Connection
    Just Dance 4

    And, hey, a bunch of other crap! Blugh.

    Next is something we're already seen at the MS conference, but at least it's a new trailer this time for Assassin's Creed III. French time, bitches! We now get a taste of the game with a demo follow-up. Hope you enjoy wrasslin' and killin' animals!

    Can't say that didn't look awesome, even if I don't have any real urge to play any of the Assassin Creed games.

    Next up, nothing I care about! The "eSport genre", whatever that is, with . . . Shootmania. Aisha and Tobuscus do their banter-thing and Toby continues to be super-annoying. They have a showdown with Shootmania to see who'll continue to host the show. Of course, they won't play it themselves, they'll get game pros to do that for them!

    Who's surprised that Counterstrike pro-gamer champions are Russian chicks? Not me, really. Anyway, that's Aisha's team. Toby gets an all-male team of non-Russians. One IS Swedish, though.

    Aaaaaaaand Toby's all-male team won. Not surprised by that, either. Aaaaaaaand no, Aisha doesn't give up control as host.

    Onto . . . another montage! Ubisoft's worlds online . . . games, that are played online. Yes, people still do that. ;p

    Trials Evolution
    The Settlers Online
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online

    . . . and SO! MUCH! MORE! Blugh.

    Finally someone who actually works at the company! Yves Guillemot, who I'd been expecting to pop out sooner than now, chats it up a bit.

    . . . Wait. What the fuck? That was ten seconds of "Hey. New IP here. Show it!" Man, he used to talk more in previous conventions. I mean, Aisha could done that, and has been basically doing that since the start of the show. Good lord, the French. >,>

    . . . I, uh, I don't know what I just watched. But it sure wasn't VIDJA GAMES. It was . . . something about a new computer system, watching everything you do, everything can be hacked . . . very Big Brother shit and all that.

    Ha ha, the room goes dark and a machine is set up to "scan" the audience. That was cute. Very French Man who made the game says it's basically Sim City with hacking. I think. I think that's what he's getting at . . . oh good, a demo might actually explain more than you.

    Okay, whatever it is, it is damn pretty. Just walkin' down the street, hands in mah coat pocket, lookin' for . . . someone? Maybe? Totally looks like it could be GTA5, honest to god. Like, as I'm watching this, I want to be in control and start bumping into and punching people ala GTA.

    Uh, yeah, no one except EVERYONE saw you jam communications. Paranoid agent not very good at this, m'thinks. Though, I'd really love to play a character that's just paranoid to the wall about goverment conspiracies and stuff like that.

    Okay, seriously, I want this game. It's so damn intriguing. It's called Watch Dogs AND I WANT IT. *,* It better be on a system that is the PS3.

    Aaaaaaaand . . . the end.


    title or description EA Conference title or description

    Totally forgot about EA, thought it was Ubisoft next. But it isn't, so get ready to see everything we saw at Microsoft's conference! Blugh.

    Okay, I like the opening, even if it's spoiling the whole conference beforehand. Like, guys, I like surprises. Don't tell me the line-up before it happens.

    Man, John Riccitiello is looking more haggard than I remember him being from last year. :(

    Okay, I swear he's used that "less like Oscars, more like Sundance" line to describe his conference.

    YES I GAME THAT I WILL WANT! Dead Space 3 title or description

    I will never NOT hear "John Carter" whenever someone says the co-op character's name. (It's actually "John Carver".)

    After the trailer, the guys from Visceral show off the new co-op feature. I, uh . . . well, it's probably pretty fun to play with a buddy if you already got your scares out of the way in the single player game. Release date? February 2013. Awesome. :)

    SPORTS TIEM!!!!11

    It's still bizarre for me that, for the foo'baw games, I can actually point things out like team and player names. It's the Ray Lewis Motivation Station! LOL (It's actually a really good inspirational speech, though, no joke.)

    w00t Megatron sighted in the video! title or description

    Madden 13, now with less KINECT KINECT KINECT. Who the hell is Cam Weber, huh?

    But can I BOUNTY HUNT in this new version? >:)

    Yeah, I don't think so. If I want sum foo'baw, I'll just watch sum foo'baw, okay?

    title or description FAMOUS SPOKESPERSON ALERT title or description Michael Irvin, someone I don't know . . . seriously, who's this guy, what team did he play for and what years did he play? *looks him up* Okay, Dallas in the 90s, that's why I don't know him from foo'baw, but he does look, or, rather, seem familiar. It's either because dad's talked about him before, or I have seen him on NFL Sundays, during NFL GameDay Morning.

    Cam, if I wanted to join a league with 32 other players, I'd just play any number of Fantasy Football games online for free.

    Ha ha, rookies like RGIII already in the game. title or description
    And, suddenly, Madden 13 turns into an RPG? o,O
    Oh, foo'baw music, how I've missed you title or description

    Have to say, Michael Irvin has great charisma on stage. Really should just be him and Joe Montana talking about vidja games they have no idea about . . . aaaaand, then the guys walk off stage, we're shot another quick trailer and then . . .

    . . . GRRL PWR!!!!11 >,>

    Oh? Please tell what other games even come close to the status of Sim City, because, other than Sim fucking City, there's pretty much no one else that matters. Oh, yeah, Sim City Social, that thing that was very briefly mentioned last year. Whatever it is, it's comin' to Facebook in a couple of weeks! Blugh.

    Well, at least this wasn't a total loss. Brand new and in her words "revolutionizing" Sim City game for the PC, along with some gameplay footage. I'm not a big fan of these games, because I am so very horrible at them, but I liked one of the ones that was released for SNES and I did buy the first one for the DS right before the concert trip to Kitchener. XD;;

    Have to say, it looks really good and I'd want to play but I am just so bad at these games. XD;;

    "Bancouver" title or description

    Multiplayer sounds like it has potential. Like, send-Godzillas-to-trash-all-the-cities-around-your-own potential! Or I'll-Mad-Max-this-game-into-the-ground potential! >:D

    Then there's another trailer for the game, and the release date is February 2013.

    Then John takes back the stage to . . . congratulate a couple of guys in the audience. Who are these ugly goons, John, and why should I care? o,O

    HOLY SHIT. Who the hell let the mics lean up against the speakers to make that horrible noise? title or description

    And, blugh, it's Battlefield 3. I don't care, Peter Moore, I just don't care. :/
    And it's just primo content they're pushing? For $49.99? God hell, that's LAME, and I don't think I can be friends with anyone who spends that much on what amounts to little more than MAP PACKS.

    Oohh, Star Wars music! Get ready for Star Wars! Bioware brings out Dr. Ray Muzyka to talk about The Old Republic. Disappointed that this guy isn't black. :(

    Gah, just more primo content. Blugh. Trailer. Blugh. I think he might've said coming out in July, I don't know.

    And now back to bland FPSs with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Live demo of fighting Somali pirates, blugh.

    Shocked SA quote: "The game monitors news sites for real-world conflicts and lets you play them." Yep, I don't play vidja games to get away from real world problems, I play vidja games to SNIPE ALL THE TERRORISTS and somehow feel better about my life? BLUGH.

    And now a trailer for this wonderful game. You wonder why Americans are so messed up, maybe it IS because of these types of games. At the very least, these games aren't helping change any mindsets, that's for sure.

    Next, some Aussie? dick who I think I saw at the Microsoft conference during SPORTS TIEM, now talking about some Madden social mobile game that no real video gamers will care about.

    Okay, whatever the fucks going with the theatre screen, stop it please. I can't see that tiny thing you're promoting and any words are just barely visable.

    To quote someone from SA: "Did they purposefully make the backdrop and screenshots as hard as possible to see? "Lets make the words transparent grey on black....greyer....greyer....there we go"." I am not kidding when I saw it's nearly impossible to see what's happening on screen.

    FIFA talk, then a clip of real soccer moment (a famous moment, I guess), switch Aussie? guy for British guy and continue yammering on about FIFA until he finally shuts up and let's a trailer for FIFA 13 roll. >,>

    And we can't forget about the UFC. No, wait, yes we can. title or description FAMOUS SPOKESPERSON ALERT title or description Dana White takes the stage with the Aussie? for a brief moment and I can't believe I know this guy more than a foo'baw player. :(

    OH COME ON. NOW RACING? Blugh blugh blugh Need for Speed: Most Wanted, a Criterion game. What does that even mean?? Is that just the company's name or is Criterion getting into video games now? AND DIDN'T THIS GAME COME OUT LAST YEAR OR SOMETHING? BLUGH.

    And now something from Crytek, announced by some chubby guy with mushmouth. It's Crysis 3 with a live demo and release date of, you guessed it, February 2013.

    So . . . no Plants versus Zombies 2, John? I am disappoint. title or description


    E3 '12, baby! Interlude

    This is a real poll.

    title or description


    E3 '12, baby! Interlude

    THE FUTURE of 2011

    title or description

    title or description


    (Yes, it's taken me the whole week to write up part of one day, so sue me. XP)

    title or description Microsoft Conference title or description

    I have to watch this on SpikeTv, which means I have to be assaulted both visually and audially. (Terrible banter AND TERRIBLE SOULPATCH.)

    Thankfully, I only have to sit through thirty minutes of this crap.

    title or description
    This about sums it up, really.

    Then it's off to the conference, where the camerman decides it's awesome to keep panning out at different times during demos/trailers instead of just keeping it set on the screen and stage because whatever fuck you I guess? It's like this through the whole conference. >:/

    Big thing or biggest thing? Halo 4 is shown, with a live-action sequence before the in-game footage. For what it's worth, I think it's neither a big thing nor the biggest thing. Also, I'm pretty sure I already played this game when it was called Metroid Prime.
    Release date: oh hey I know this, it's like November 2012 (month might be off, but it's definitely been said to come out before Christmas)

    As per usual, Don Mattrick takes the stage to . . . well, talking about that which was neither games or hardware I'm pretty sure. I was off in lalaland thinking about something else, but I did hear him mention that this is his 17th E3. Neeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrd.

    Next up, what I thought was Call of Duty is actually Splinter Cell: Backlash Blacklist. Haha, Ubisoft guys. title or description I forget why I wrote down "LOL @ in-game footage". Wait a minute, Sam Fisher NOT voiced by Michael Ironside? That's some blasphemy, Frenchies, and I don't even play or care about this game franchise. >:/
    Release date: I dun know

    One of the worst parts of this conference, EA's Andrew Wilson plugging sports. Ablugh. Now with Kinect! Ablugh. He focuses on two titles, first some in-game footage of Fifa 13 (which might have had a famous spokesperson? some Italian/Spanish player?) and then introduces Madden 13 with title or description FAMOUS SPOKESPERSON ALERT title or description Joe Montana. Would pay to see Joe introduce all the games, no lie.

    Also, I have to scream at the TV and STILL use the controller? I don't think that's very Kinect-y of you, EA.
    Release date: yeah I really don't care

    LOL @ Fable: The Journey trailer--a game for Pinkku! XD
    Release date: Holiday 2012 (whatever that means)

    Phil Spencer finally takes the stage to chat it up a bit. You just know he thinks his system is soo cool. Applause out of nowhere when he's naming off publishers that are making games for the Xbox and gets to '343' (which is actually the first one he said). Is that the company that makes Halo? If so, then that bunch of excited people in the audience are ninnies.

    Then he introduces the newest Gears of War game, with a too-dark-to-see-shit trailer. After that, it's straight into a trailer for goddamn Forza Horizon, with a really specific release date of Oct. 23rd, 2012.

    And possibly the best worst part of ANY conference, sales and marketing reports. "Whether it's the biggest games or the biggest games, Xbox has the biggest games."

    title or description

    First, Yusuf Mehdi blahblahs about the Xbox being a search engine AND voice-activated. It will use Bing. And we can now search by genres! Whoo, the future is NOW!!!!!!11 Ah, no, dude, I don't care what it's like in Mexican . . . . . . okay, so I think this was just to show off what ethnicity he is. XD;; (What the hell movie is Killer Elite?)

    Basically, this system is now the "Cable Box 360". XD

    Then he tells us four (of apparently thirty-five) new companies jumping on-board the Xbox express, Nickelodeon, Paramount Movies, Machinima and Uvideos (a Mexican? company).

    No! Noooo! Not sports again! No! title or description
    "All sports, all the time!" is pretty much what Yusuf is saying. Oh god, a commercial for this shit? Really!?

    And now for music on the Xbox. Literally called "Xbox Music". :what Oh god no, not another commercial. title or description

    Why, why am I using my ugly-as-sin GAME console for something that is not GAME-related?

    KINECT KINECT KINECT . . . fitness? Thanks for assaulting me with a third commercial, Microsoft. Along with a dude named Stefan Orlander from Nike. NIKE. WTF. I did laugh at the thought of Nike hocking their wares out of a car's trunk at high schools in the 70s (which is actually mostly how the company started).

    "If you have a body, you're an athlete." title or description

    Honestly, though? Mr. Orlander is kind of selling Kinect Training to me. It doesn't sounds like a bad thing, if, say, it'll replace paying out a gym + trainer every month. COMMERCIAL TIEM!!!1 Ready for release come the holidays, of course.

    Finally, games? Nope. Marc Whitten takes the stage to . . . to . . . tell us that we couldn't imagine life without our Smartphones and tablets. I have neither, jackass, and I'm doing just fine. :colbert Why, why would I want to use my fucking phone or tablet while playing video games? WHY??

    Somethingsomethingsomething Xbox Smartglass (and everyone thought the 'Wii' was a terrible name . . . well, this one is worse in a funnier way). Connect all your shit together for a better experience. I think not, mister man. Oh boy, he's showing us how it works. I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS. GET TO THE GAMES OR JUST LEAVE SHERLOCK HOLMES ON FOR ME TO WATCH.

    God, this is just that screen-within-a-screen gimmick they introduced way back when for TV. Fuck. NO ONE IS GOING TO PLAY THEIR GAMES LIKE THIS, NO ONE.

    Where, where are the vidja games?? title or description

    Use your phone as a remote control instead of your remote control! :downs This is basically Microsoft's feeble competition for the WiiU.

    Fuck you, asshole. The browser on my PS3 is NOT "painfully slow". >:/
    Oh boy, giving the fans what they want! Internet Explorer in 2012! title or description

    Oh hai, Prometheus clip I haven't seen. title or description BEST THING AT THIS CONFERENCE UP 'TIL NOW, NO JOKE.

    That was too short. Now cars? No, I don't love cars, you dick. And I ESPECIALLY don't care about car websites.

    FINALLY THAT MAN SHUT HIS PIEHOLE AND GOT OFF THE STAGE. God, that took forEVER. >,< Now, two guys from Crystal Dynamics. We're, we're finally back to games? In-game footage of Tomb Raider. You know the best thing about taking the game in this direction? No more movies starring Splitlip! Yay! XD

    Oh man, what's Phil Spencer have to say now? It's something about "new worlds" so I guess vidja games? Okay, next three titles are all "world-premiere exclusives", so you can bet I won't care about them! ;p

    Oh, yeah. Let's see what the group who made Toy Soldiers is up to, because THAT'S what everyone is here for. >,>
    It's called Ascend: New Gods, we get to experience a trailer or in-game footage (I honestly can't tell which it is--and it explained nothing about the game except it looked like a ripoff of God of War and Shadow of the Colossus) and it's coming out next year. All I really remember is that Pinkku was joking how it looked laggy as shit. XD

    LocoCycle title or description
    This looked so stupid it turned unintentionally funny. And I mean, really, LocoCycle? LocoCycle??
    Oh, right. It was presented in a stupid-looking trailer and coming out next year.
    SA quote: "Haha Knight Rider The Bike The Game"

    And then something called Matter, where Pinkku and I guessed something completely different. I said "lol NuMetroid 'cause Samus can turn into a ball!" and Pinkku said "no it's Portal 3" and I kind of agreed with that because of the colours on the balls and it turned out we were both wrong. XD;; Coming out next year.


    And they deliver! Deliver unto us Resident Evil 6 title or description

    I love the presenter gets right down to it. "We're here to present Resident Evil 6" *walks off stage, leaving the other little man to stand meekly and play*
    Oh god, Pinkku, you're not the only one who thought he looked, like, so scared to be there alone. Quote from SA: "dude on the left looks like hes about to break down" XDDD

    LEON LEON LEON ♥ ♥ ♥
    Yes, we get to see some Leon in-game footage. title or description
    The demo ended with Leon crashing into a "zombie rave", as Pinkku put it. XD

    Albert Wesker's son better be hot, is all I'm saying. Anyway, looks cool, sounds cool, I'm stoked for it. Release date: uh, neither at the end of the footage or the Capcom dude actually tell us ;_;

    Now some woman, Alex Ruiz (LOL) has to follow up with some silly cartoonish Xbox Live Kinect game and I wouldn't want to be in her shoes for nearly anything. Like anything is going to look good after the newest Resident Evil game? Anyway, she's showing us something called Wreckateer and cannons don't work that way, sorry to say. Not interested, thanks, now get off the stage so we can see some more Leon!

    OH MY WHAT IS THIS!? Next is something almost better than RE6, that new South Park game everyone following South Park has been talking about! And both title or description FAMOUS SPOKESPEOPLE ALERT title or description Trey Parker and Matt Stone take the stage to talk about it, holy crap! ♥

    South Park: The Stick of Truth, release date: dun know because they're still working on it XD

    Then we get a whole dance sequence with title or description FAMOUS SPOKESPERSON ALERT title or description Usher on stage, to promote Dance Central 3 that no one gets to actually see because most of the time we're watching Usher dance. >,>

    He seems like a nice guy, but to me, he will always be the guy who gave the world Beiber and for that I must hate him with the strength of a thousand suns. :angry (Not really angry like that, though. Just mildly annoyed. XD)

    Finally, Don Mattrick decides to end with a limp whimper with what felt like the longest in-game footage for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. *no fucks and no effort given*


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    It is no sign of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

    The galaxy will just keep going. Everything, even the reapers will come around again. But we are important right now. This is what will never happen again.

    Life was not a valuable gift, but death was. Life was a fever-dream made up of joys embittered by sorrows, pleasure poisoned by pain; a dream that was a nightmare-confusion of spasmodic and fleeting delights, ecstasies, exultations, happinesses, interspersed with long-drawn miseries, griefs, perils, horrors, disappointments, defeats,humiliations, and despairs--the heaviest curse devisable by divine ingenuity; but death was sweet, death was gentle, death was kind; death healed the bruised spirit and the broken heart, and gave them rest and forgetfulness; death was man's best friend; when man could endure life no longer, death came and set him free.

    You are not machines. You are not cattle. You are men. You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don't hate, only the unloved hate. Only the unloved and the unnatural.

    A shark on whiskey is mighty risky, but a shark on beer is a beer engineer

    There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. Live, then, and be happy, and never forget, that until the day God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words, "Wait and Hope".

    "Humanity isn't broken, people, humanity just needs the right time and place to channel itself and absolutely fantastic things can occur. Always has happened, always will."

    How well this man unfolded to our view
    The world's beliefs of Death and Heaven and Hell—
    This man whose own convictions none could tell,
    Nor if his maze of reason had a clew.
    Dogmas he wrote for daily bread, but knew
    The fair philosophies of doubt so well
    That while we listened to his words there fell
    Some that were strangely comforting if true.
    Marking how wise we grew upon his doubt,
    We said: "If so, by groping in the night,
    He can proclaim some certain paths of trust,
    How great our profit if he saw about
    His feet the highways leading to the light."
    Now he sees all. Ah, Christ! his mouth is dust!

    I dreamt of Leonard Cohen--he was singing Hallelujah.

    I dreamt of Leonard Cohen again--he sat down and spoke to me; he looked like he did in '79.

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